Your leads want to email you text you. Are you ready?

Text leads vs. email leads

Meet your leads faster. Text message leads are more serious and more responsive than email leads.

Better than live chat.

Ping is better than live chat, because it creates a text message chat between you and your leads. No apps, no automated chat bots.

Enjoy positive reviews from leads.

Leads will review you and talk about how quick you were to respond and how easy it is to contact you.

Ping instantly converts leads into a text message chat.

How does Ping work?

Ping is a 'text me' button on your website.
It takes 1 minute to add a Ping button to any website and instantly enables your leads to text you.

Check out Ping on these awesome websites.

Try Ping for a year
The brilliantly simple live chat alternative for any website.
- add Ping to multiple websites
- program Ping for your mobile number
- unlimited text messages from your website
- login to re-program your Ping anytime
$20 per year

Ping is compatible with any website.

Ping works with the most common web technology in the world and does not affect your site’s functionality.

Looking for help adding ping to your site?
Simply send your code to your webmaster or whoever helps you make edits to your website.

Otherwise, ping us - we’re happy to help.